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  • The Principles of Moving and Handling People (Northern Ireland)

    Essential moving and handling information to help minimise the risk of injuries

  • Safeguarding - Child Protection - Level 1

    Essential knowledge offering individuals a basic understanding of the principles of safeguarding children

  • Safeguarding - Child Protection Level 3 for Healthcare Workers

    A comprehensive Child Protection programme at Level 3 for Healthcare Workers

  • Principles of First Aid - Children

    Ideal for anyone wanting to better understand the Principles of First Aid that can help to save lives

  • Principles of First Aid - Adults and Children

    Ideal for anyone wanting to better understand the Principles of First Aid that can help to save lives

  • Safeguarding - Child Protection Level 3 Everybody's Responsibility

    A comprehensive Child Protection programme at Level 3 for all roles and responsibilities

  • Safeguarding - Child Protection Level 2

    Essential knowledge for confidently meeting your Child Protection responsibilities

  • Food Safety & Hygiene Level 2 Intermediate - Team Leaders

    Level 2 CPD accredited course for anyone in a food preparation/handling/service capacity

  • Food Safety and Hygiene Level 2 for Practitioners

    Level 2 CPD accredited course for anyone in a food preparation/handling/service capacity

  • Fire Safety in Healthcare Environments

    Raising peoples' awareness of crucial fire safety information

  • Fire Safety Awareness

    Raising peoples' awareness of crucial fire safety information

  • Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace

    Stigma is one of the main barriers to addressing mental health problems in the workplace.

  • Mental Health and Criminal Justice

    A significant number of prisoners have mental health problems, learning difficulties or learning disabilities

  • Improving Infection Control in the NHS

    NHS organisations will have to publish performance data on staff hand hygiene

  • Safeguarding - Scotland Update (Named Person)

    The Scottish Government’s Named Person Scheme has been delayed for a year

  • Training and Working in Social Care

    Learning and development can help increase staff motivation, morale and productivity as well as improve retention.

  • Care at Home is Failing

    Complaints up 20% in 2015

  • The National Living Wage

    The National Living Wage can benefit both the individual staff member and the organisation

  • Good nutrition in care homes.

    Wherever possible, food and nutrition should be tailored to the individual

  • A good death?

    An essential component of the Principles of End of Life Care (EoLC)

  • Improving and Integrating Care

    NICE and Wakefield Care Homes Vanguard

  • Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act

    Outlining the principles and safeguards in place in Scotland for those who lack capacity

  • Introduction to the Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty

    Outlining the principles, procedures and safeguards in place for those who lack capacity

  • Understanding Autism and Person Centred Approaches to Support and Care

    Offering a comprehensive understanding of Autism and the importance of person centred approaches to care

  • The Revised Prescribing Competency Framework

    Competencies which need to be met by all prescribers

  • NICE Diabetes Advice to GP's

    Multidisciplinary paediatric diabetes teams for young people.

  • Health and Safety for Office Workers

    Crucial Health & Safety information to help maintain a healthy and safe work place for office environments

  • Dementia Care - Applying a Person Centred Approach

    Ensuring well-being is promoted through understanding the support process for Dementia sufferers

  • Dementia Care - Understanding Challenging Behaviour

    Helping to understand the behaviour behind Dementia as a condition

  • Dementia Care - A Person Centred Approach

    Helping ensure the person and their needs are foremost within the caring process

  • Dementia Care - Understanding the Condition

    An informative programme about Dementia for healthcare professionals and family members alike

  • Dual Competency

    Delivering Holistic Care within 5 years

  • Sepsis is an Emergency Condition

    NICE Guidance - Treat suspected Sepsis the same as Heart Attack

  • NHS England Mandate 2016 - 2017

    7 Objectives for Patient Care Improvements

  • Food Safety and Hygiene Scotland

    Level 2 accredited course for everyone who works in a food preparation/handling capacity in Scotland

  • Health & Safety for Healthcare Workers

    Crucial information for healthcare professionals, helping to maintain a healthy and safe work environment

  • Managing and Safe Handling of Medicines in Community Settings

    Comprehensive information about medication handling and administration for healthcare assistants

  • Managing and Safe Handling of Medicines in Acute Settings

    Comprehensive information about medication handling and administration in Acute healthcare settings

  • Managing and Safe Handling of Medicines (Scotland)

    Comprehensive information for about medicines, their storage, use and administration in Scotland

  • Safeguarding Scotland - PVG/Adult Support and Protection

    A complete safeguarding course for Scotland, covering abuse, recognising signs, recording and reporting

  • Child Protection Scotland (Level 2) - A Shared Responsibility

    Essential knowledge for confidently meeting your Child Protection responsibilities

  • The importance of audit trails in healthcare

    An accurate record of all training is a key part of business management

  • Are you making the most of your training budget?

    Mentoring makes your training budget work harder

  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults (Level 2)

    Comprehensively covering all aspects of safeguarding from duty of care, recognition and response to recording and reporting

  • The Care Certificate - Fundamentals Q216

    A suite of courses designed to satisfy the "Care Certificate" requirements

  • Understanding Allergic Reactions and Anaphylaxis

  • Enabling equal opportunity for development in the healthcare industry

    Discover the simplicity and accessibility of e-learning!

  • Equality and Diversity in the Workplace and Community

    Helping to understand and embrace Equality and Diversity in the workplace and community

  • Understanding Equality and Diversity

    Raising awareness and challenging thoughts and feelings about Equality and Diversity

  • NHS pledges to transform mental health services in 2016

    "mental health must be a priority for everyone in England"

  • End of Life Care

    Helping professionals gain a thorugh understanding of the principles behind End of Life Care

  • The importance of confidence and motivation in the healthcare industry

    Motivated employees reflect better on you...

  • Infection Control

    A comprehensive Level 2 course covering the critical aspects of Infection Control

  • Ten benefits of e-learning

    A short guide explaining the key benefits of e-learning and how it compares to other training methods.

  • Improving reputation with high-quality training

    For healthcare professionals, access to relevant information and training that their care-giving duties require of them is key.

  • Maintaining dignified service in your healthcare environment with the 6 Cs

    Sister Roach's 6 Cs of caring have become the benchmark for care throughout the world.

  • Mental Health Awareness

    Key information about mental health that can affect children and adults at any time

  • Blood Transfusion Safety in Practice

    Important information about blood transfusion practice and safety

  • Managing Violence and Aggression

    A generic course covering the management of violence of aggression in different settings

  • Understanding Violence and Aggression in Healthcare Environments

    Helping to understand key aspects about Violence and Aggression in healthcare environments

  • Overcoming shortfalls in care industry staff

    Employee turnover in the care industry alone is already at 19% - How can you reduce it

  • CPD Standards Office

    Red Rock Courses count towards Assessment and Revalidation

  • Efficiently implementing the new healthcare act - 5 tips

    Helping you to provide the personalised care your clients need without unnecessary upheaval

  • Dementia Support Contacts

    Voluntary and Charitable Organisations Providing Dementia Support

  • Are you adapting to Healthcare Changes?

    Smarter and more accessible staff learning and development

  • Adapting to change in the Healthcare Industry

    A guide to adhering to the latest regulatory changes and providing the best healthcare.

  • Duty of Candour

    Clear and concise information about Regulation 20: Duty of Candour for all those working in regulated services

  • Standards Expected in Care Homes in England

    There are new processes in place for inspection, regulation and inspection of Care Homes in England - Can you satisfy the 5 key questions?

  • Freedom To Speak Up!

    Sir Robert Francis report on Whistleblowing

  • Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)

    Key information about dietary intake that is not supplemented by any other forms of feeding.

  • Epilepsy Awareness

    Helping individuals to understand epilepsy as the appropriate responses can be critical.

  • Want to see your GP? 'Waits will become normal'

    The Doctor will see you ... sometime next month!

  • Diabetes - Understanding, Controlling, Monitoring

    Explaining the types of Diabetes and how to control, monitor and treat the condition

  • Doctors not politicians should run our NHS

    Doctors rather than politicians should run the NHS as the political parties only set targets and mak

  • International Panel declares NHS “best in the world”

    NHS is confirmed as worldbeater

  • Dementia training is vital for Hospital Staff

    Training helps staff care for dementia sufferers

  • NHS Staff Risk going to jail under amended criminal justice and courts bill

    Eliminate the risk : Train your staff to know their obligations.

  • The MRI scan that can detect very early signs of Parkinson’s

    Around 127,000 people in the UK are believed to have Parkinson's

  • Age UK: Social care problems lead to hospital bed blocking

    Almost 2m bed days in hospitals have been wasted since 2010

  • Eating too much red meat may be linked to breast cancer

    Eating a lot of red meat in early adult life may slightly increase the risk of breast cancer

  • The D D Veteran who never thought he would be a D Day celebrity!!

    A World War Two veteran who disappeared from his nursing home to attend the D-Day commemorations

  • Cruelty arrest over obese child

    A couple have been arrested by police on suspicion of cruelty and neglect of their obese child.

  • One in three people in England are on the cusp of developing type 2 diabetes.

    More than a third of adults are on the cusp of developing type-2 diabetes, figures for England show.

  • Audit recommends that every care home in England should screen for diabetes

    Every care home in England should screen for diabetes

  • Nutrition and Hydration

    Helping individuals to understand the importance of nutrition and hydration for young and older people alike

  • HCL Workforce Solutions

    One of the UK’s leading providers of healthcare professionals to the health and social care markets, providing locum staff on a temporary or permanent basis.

  • Aylesbury College

    Aylesbury College is a large Further Education College based in Buckinghamshire

  • Manatec

    Manatec Ltd delivers funded and commercial training nationally.

  • Blue Arrow

    Blue Arrow provide jobs and staffing solutions across the UK, including driving, catering, call centre, warehousing and office jobs

  • Independent Clinical Services

    An approved NHS supplier and the UK’s leading Independent provider of bank staff management services

  • The Windmill

    The Windmill is a freehold Gastro Pub that prides itself on quality and value for money.

  • DRC Group

    DRC Locums is a leading provider of medical staff to both the Public and Private sectors across the UK.

  • Caring-Forever

    Providing personal care services within the community to help enable anyone who has difficulties in everyday life.

  • Everyday Arts

    A charity that works with young people with mainstream education issues through the mediums of art, dance and drama.

  • Enable Support Services

    Providing 1-1 social and practical support to people with a range of social care needs, living in their own homes.

  • Real Life Options

    Real Life Options was founded in 1992 to support people who have learning disabilities in Care homes or private homes throughout the UK.

  • MPS Healthcare

    Wales’ leading recruitment agency for healthcare professionals, supplying the NHS and private sector. MPS is a leading supplier on the All Wales Agency Project.

  • Randstad Sourceright

    Randstad Sourceright are part of Randstad, the second largest HR services provider in the world with global revenues of €17.25 billion and 4,500 offices in 39 countries - representing over 90% of the global HR services market.

  • Understanding the Meaning of Palliative Care

    An informative programme dealing with Palliative Care, including the emotive issues surrounding the topic

  • Supporting a Person's Needs in a Palliative Care Context

    Helping to understand the importance of a Whole Person approach to Palliative Care

  • Supporting Physical Care Needs within Palliative Care

    An in depth look at pain, cancer and providing personal care in a Palliative Care environment

  • Care During the Final Hours of Life and Bereavement Care

    Raising awareness to and coping with the feelings of others and your own in a Palliative Care context

  • Care Planning and Risk Assessment

    Crucial considerations for everyone working in a Social Care environment

  • The Principles of Moving and Handling (People)

    Essential moving and handling information for healthcare professionals to help minimise the risk of injuries

  • The Principles of Moving and Handling (Objects)

    Essential moving and handling information to help minimise the risk of injuries

  • Slips, Trips and Falls Awareness in Healthcare Settings

    Essential information for all healthcare workers where slips trips and falls prevention is important

  • Pressure Ulcer Care

    Essential information for the management of pressure ulcers in primary and secondary care environments

  • Oxygen Therapy

    Key information on Oxygen Therapy for those in healthcare and associated environments

  • Generic Health and Safety

    Crucial Health & Safety information to help maintain a healthy and safe work place for all business environments


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